Best All Terrain Portable Scooter 335 lb Rated, Take Apart 4 Whl Stable 20 mi

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Hello Good People, Tonight I have something I have never had before…Well I take that back I have sold 4 of them brand new at $1635.00 ea but this is the first gently used one I have ever had. A Golden Buzzaround Extreme, this is the best all around all terrain scooter to have if your only going to own one and do not have a carrier or a handicapped van, it will break down into 5 lightweight pieces to be transported in almost any vehicle.

This scooter features an amazing 20 mile per charge range, it has the highest weight rating of any portable I have ever seen 335 lbs. And this is the 4 wheel very stable version of this scooter. It also has 4 WHEEL SUSPENSION for a more comfortable ride and a swivel seat with arm rests.

Timeless Mobility Price: $899.00

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