Golden Scooter & Harmar Auto-Clamp Swing Away Electric Lift

Product Details

Golden Companion II Mobility Scooter & Harmar AL100 Auto Clamping Swing Away Electric Lift/Carrier. The Scooter has a 350 lb user weight rating, good ground clearance, onboard charger, good batteries and a swivel seat, and stabilizing anti-tip wheel in the front.

The Lift kas the Auto Clamp feature what this means is there is no tying down required there is rubber puck that clamps on the floor as the scooter comes up and you just drive away, it also has the Swing Away option which is an additional $400.00 upgrade. the swing away allows you swing the lift out of the way to access a hatch or to drop a tailgate.

All total we have here about $5000.00 of equipment new selling for a fraction of the price at $1499.00.

Timeless Mobility Price: $1499.00

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