Q6 Edge Power Wheelchair

Product Details

Hello Good People, Happy Sunday today we have a Zero Mile Pride Quantum Q6 Edge Power Wheelchair, with Power Tilt, Power Recline and Power Legs that are individually adjustable. This chair also features and attendant controller in the back, ROHO Seat Cushion, Swing Away Color Joystick. 14″ tires and a tight turning center wheel design very stable with 6 wheels on the ground at all times. This chair has strong batteries each putting out over 360 CCA and comes with a fast 8 amp hr charger. These high end chairs are designed to go into the thousands of miles of operation, retail on this chair would be in the range of $29,000.00 yes Twenty Nine Thousand Dollars.

Timeless Mobility Price: 1/10th the cost Just $2999.00

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