XHD Power Wheelchair

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Hello Good People…Tonight we have a Tank of a wheelchair, you can space the wheels out and put tractor tires and chains on if you so choose I have seen it done. This 450 lb rated Teknique XHD power wheelchair has an insane total of 900 watts of motor, attach a plow to it and keep your driveway clean 🙂 Seriously though this is in As NEW condition, and this is a very tough wheelchair that will take allot of abuse and keep pushing on.

The arms are adjustable in width, and angle, it features dual rear wheels on each side for added stability when turning. This chair comes with some VERY STRONG batteries putting out over 500 CCA each. Also comes with charger and O2 tank or cane holder on the back, manual is included as well. Still sold today for $3895.00.

Timeless Mobility Price: $1499.00

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